Troo Storees 1

1) [Toumba* Tax Office, August 18th, 10:30 AM]
    - Hello! I'm here for a refund...
    - I had paid the fee for the issue of a new passport, but the police made a mistake
    - And?
    - They said I had to submit this, in order to take back the money...
                                        *A district in Thessaloniki, Greece

2) - You see it is signed and stamped by the chief offic...
    - You can't take your money back, not here.
    - What? How?
    - Here it's the Toumba Tax Office...
    - But I did pay to the Tax Office, right?
    - Yes, but not here, you paid at the Tax Office in Halkidiki.
    - Wait a minute, I paid to a Tax Office 80 euros, and your Tax Office won't give it back?
    - There's nothing I can do.
    - It is a different Office.

3) - What are you talking about? Isn't this a Tax Office?
    - Yes, but not in Halkidiki.
    - What? Is Halkidiki a different country?
    - Don't shout sir! There's nothing I can do.
    - I just paid a 80 euros fee, and I have to go to Halkidiki to get the refund?
    - Calm down sir, I told you. You'll get your refund in the Halkidiki Tax Office, and only the 
      Halkidiki Tax Office. And please keep in mind that you will not take the refund the same day. 
      You have to get a protocoll number, etc...
    - I am sorry.

4) - Are you serious?
    - I am not joking sir.
    - So I have to drive 100 kms to take a refund?
    - I just told you sir. And it'll take more than a day to get the refund.
    - And is there not an interservice communication with the Halkidiki Office to help the situation?
    - No, sir. The network won't allow it.
    - Send them a fax!
    - You should send them a registered letter.
    - And what? Wait an one-hour line in the postal office to send a registered letter which I'll pay? 
      And then drive to Halkidiki anyway to take the money back? Are you out of your mind?
    - I told you sir. You are becoming a nuisance. 

- Where's the director of the office?
- First floor sir. But you won't manage a thing. You'll see.

(2 b continued)


  1. Ο εφιάλτης στο δρόμο με τη γραφειοκρατεία...

  2. Χαχαχαχαχαχαχαχαχα!
    Άργησες λίγο, αλλά μας αποζημίωσες.
    ΤΡΕΛΑ!!! (Και για το στριπ, και για την εφορία)

  3. Τι να σας πω, εγώ πήγα εχτές στην εφορία για να πληρώσω το κωλοπιάσι… εεεε, τους φόρους μου εννοώ, ως καλός φορολογούμενος μαλάκ… εεεεε, πολίτης, θέλω να πω, κι όλα γινόντουσαν εύκολά και γρήγορα! Ένιωσα άρρωστος. Αλλά μετά θυμήθηκα ότι ήταν ώρα εισπράξεων (για αυτό όλα γινόντουσαν εύκολά και γρήγορα) και τα πάντα μπήκαν στην θέση τους: ένιωσα αμέσως καλύτερα…
    Κατά τα άλλα, «ένα πιστοποιητικό Α38»…

  4. (..τη σφεντόνα δεν την είχες μαζί;) :)

  5. λες να βοηθούσε;

  6. Εμένα πάντως αυτό το στριπάκι κάτι μου θυμίζει....

  7. Ααααα! Το βρήκα! Την Δ' ΔΟΥ μου θυμίζει!

  8. ΔΟΥ κύριε εν φυλακή το στόματί του!