1) - Do you have the time?
2) - It's a quarter past eleven.
3) - Your watch has a very nice design.
4) - Thank you very much! you have a nice design yourself.


#470 - GHOSTS


1) Sakis' ghosts make his life so hard.
2) They sneeze loudly during the siesta time, they pluck the petals of his daisies.
3) And even worse: they terrify every gentle soul that tries to come close to him.
4) But every first of the month he also takes his revenge, by putting them all in a sack and going 
    them to the laundry.


#469 - BFFs

BFFs (together forever)

*No idea if it works in english...

1) -Morals and customs
2) -Flora and fauna
3) -Errr... Trade and shipping!
4) -Mosses and lichens.