#454 - MR. MURGH


1) When Mr. Murgh eats pasta, he first untangles it and then eats it, piece by piece.
2) Mr. Murgh is less humorous than slate.
    - Haha!
3) When Mr. Murgh falls in love, he googles her name and finds treasures.
4) When Mr. Murgh falls in love, he reads the zodiac signs.



1) Ariadne, while being in love with Theseus, helped  him escape the Labyrinth with her
    ball of thread.

2) They got away together, but Theseus, far from danger, dumped her on the island of Naxos.

3) While we tend to forget it, that latter part of the myth seems to me more representive
    of human nature.

4) But I am not a freudianist and I don't analyze things, do that yourself if you will,
    we would probably disagree anyway.