1) About the horrible monster of the swamps, everyone has something to say in the village...

2) The brave hunters in the pubs...
    - My rifle got jammed, otherwise I would have killed the...
    - Leave this bullshit, old man, we all know you got injured because you were driving drunk, again!

 3) The loyal wives to their men...
     - The monster attacked me while you were sailing with the ship... baby it's not my fault, 
       please comfort me!

4) And the president of the village to his people!
    - We decided together with the police officer, to put cameras everywhere...
    - And to forbid  every walk or traffic in the streets after 9 p.m... For your own safety of course!

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  1. Οι φιγούρες του τέρατος και του συζύγου στο 3ο καρέ είναι γαμάτες.
    Και η punch line το ίδιο.